Archana Tariff
Ashtothram P10
Shakasranamam P50

Abishekam Tariff
Abhishekam to Balaji P200
Abhishekam to all other Deities P100

Homam Tariff
Ganapathy Homam P100
Ayush Homam P200
Navagriha Homam P250
Mritunjaya Homam P200

Puja Tariff
Sathyanarayana Puja P250
Navagraha Puja P150

  • Devotees who are desirous of performing the Homams and Pujas are requested to register their names at least 2 days in advance, by paying the relevant tariff.
  • The list of material required for the Homam/Puja/Abhishekam can be collected from the priests.
  • Abhishekams done during special functions will have a different tariff.
  • The Abhishekams are not restricted to one family. Any number of Devotees can sponsor the abhishekam on the same day.

Ellu kizhi

  • Devotees desirous of lighting lamps on Saturdays made of black thil ( Ellu kizhi) in front of the Navagriha Sannidhanam can get 2 ellu kizhi soaked in oil for P5 from the priests and light the same in front of the Navagriha Sannidhanam for which arrangements will be made.

Monthly Archanas

  • Devotees can pay P100 and perform Archnana on the occasions of Shashti, Pradosham and Chaturthi and Saturday Archana for Lord Balaji for a specific month.
  • Devotees may also pay P300 and perform Archana for their Ishta Devatha daily for a specific month.

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