A Humble Request

Building the temple was a huge task and BHCT was able to achieve it only through the donations made as kind and cash by the devotees. It should be noted that maintenance is another big and recurring cost and it could be done only by the generous donations from devotees.

Hence BHCT requests all of you to generously sponsor and/or make donations.


  • You may contribute any amount in Shrivaari Hundi, which is available in the temple premises.


  • You may contribute any amount for Shrivaari Hundi, by sending Demand Draft in the name of BHCT, Gaborone, Botswana.
  • You may send directly to BHCT bank account. The account details are given below:
    • A/c. Name: Botswana Hindu Charities Trust
    • A/c. No.: 9521 01 0000 1945.
    • Bank: Bank of Baroda of Botswana Limited
    • Branch: Mall Branch, Gaborone, Botswana

General offerings

  • You may please bring flowers and fruits as general offerings.
  • You may donate items for the daily needs of the temple and upkeep of temple.
  • You may contribute any amount in the Hundi or as a payment at the office.

Please help us to maintain the temple in a neat and acceptable manner.

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